Christopher Eastwood
Experienced. Trusted. Passionate.

Christopher A. Eastwood

Legal Experience


Christopher has been a practicing attorney in Washington State for over a decade, working in a variety of practice areas in both criminal and civil law. As a criminal defense attorney, Christopher has taken both felony and misdemeanor cases to trial and as a civil litigation attorney, he has successfully resolved dozens of cases for his clients. Throughout his practice, Christopher has earned the trust and respect of his clients as he compassionately advised and led them through their difficult and sometimes complex cases.

Christopher has gained broad legal experience, enabling him to skillfully analyze, understand, evaluate, and advise on a variety of topics. He is able to understand and become proficient on new topics quickly as he zeroes-in on the most relevant facts and information. Because of his insight and ability to cut to the heart of the matter at hand, he is able to distill his experience and knowledge to communicate in a way that serves the needs of his audience, whether that be the court, other attorneys, or his clients.

Christopher has written and successfully defended many motions to the court, each one serving as a miniature policy paper, as he provides judges with the facts, the law, and the reasoning they need to decide in his clients’ favor.


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