Christopher Eastwood
Experienced. Trusted. Passionate.

Christopher A. Eastwood

Community Engagement


In addition to legal experience, Christopher has gained valuable experience through his community involvement. In 2010, Christopher ran for a local judge position, running on a platform of reforming the procedures of the court to make it more efficient and to better serve the needs of the community. Although unsuccessful, Christopher’s campaign earned him public notoriety and he was asked to join the Board of Directors for the local Chamber of Commerce, eventually being elected as President of that Board.

In late 2010, Christopher also began teaching classes at various community venues on the historical, philosophical, religious, and political origins of the Constitution. He has continued to teach those classes periodically, as requested, and in 2014 wrote a small book to help attendees to recall and expand on the information contained in the class. He is currently working on a revised version of the book intended for a wider audience.

Christopher has gained a reputation for being a passionate advocate for Liberty and for the constitutionally protected rights of all Americans. In 2019, this reputation led to him being recruited by Gonzaga Law School in Spokane, WA to become an adjunct professor, teaching on 1st Amendment issues related to the intersections of religion and the law.


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