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Christopher A. Eastwood - Liberty Advocate

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Christopher A. Eastwood has earned a reputation as a trusted counselor for his clients and a tireless, passionate advocate for the Liberty of all Americans. With over a decade of legal experience, years of public speaking and community involvement, and a lifetime of studying the Constitution and the principles of Liberty, Christopher brings to the table an exceptional level of insight and experience.

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Areas of Experience

Legal Experience

Licensed to practice law in Washington State since 2008, Christopher has worked his entire career to advance the Liberty of his clients. Christopher has experience in criminal defense, civil litigation, and currently teaches at Gonzaga Law School on First Amendment issues related to religion.

Community Engagement

Christopher has earned a reputation as an outspoken advocate for individual Liberty and fighting for the Constitutionally protected rights of all Americans. Since 2010, Christopher has taught community classes on the Constitution and the principles of Liberty that were the foundations of this country.


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